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Shusaku Endo was an award-winning Japanese fiction writer and television personality, born in Tokyo in 1923. He lived with his parents in Manchuria until 1933, when they divorced, then accompanied his mother back to her hometown, Kobe, Japan. At age 12 he was baptized as a Catholic, and embraced this faith as an adult. Endo was among the war generation that witnessed the brutal militarism within and without Japan, left to deal with his nation’s defeat at the hands of the Allied Forces in World War II.

Persecuted as a Christian during his schooling in his native land, Endo matriculated at the University of Lyon in France, studying from 1950 to 1953, before returning home to recuperate from a serious illness. This cut short his scholarly submersion in the French literary Catholics, Francois Mauriac, Paul Claudel, and Georges Bernanos, whose influence is evident in shaping Endo’s novelistic sense of being doubly alienated from the modern West, first as a Japanese, and second as a believing Christian observing the Western church’s waning influence within the societies who originally sent their missionaries to Japan.

For a long time I was attracted to a meaningless nihilism and when I finally came to realize the fearfulness of such a void I was struck once again with the grandeur of the Catholic Faith. This problem of the reconciliation of my Catholicism with my Japanese blood . . has taught me one thing: that is, that the Japanese must absorb Christianity without the support of a Christian tradition or history or legacy or sensibility
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The Samurai (Peter Owen Modern Classic) By Shusaku Endo

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