Best 25+ Kids cooking activities ideas on Pinterest.

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As the temps cool and the holidays approach, many parents are spending more time in the kitchen, whipping up slow cookers full of comfort food and baking sheets lined with sweet treats. But aside from the simple act of getting dinner on the table, cooking can also provide a great bonding activity for parents to enjoy with their kids. At Daily Parent, we totally encourage cooking with kids, and we’ve rounded up our favorite kid-friendly cookbooks to help get the party started on the right foot!

If your kids are like most, they welcome any opportunity to gobble down pizza, guacamole, fried rice and lots of other international fare. Now, with  The International Cookbook for Kids , you can save your takeout cash and teach your kids to make it themselves.

With so many drive-thru and grocer’s freezer food options, it’s easy for kids to get disconnected from where their food actually comes from. With Garden to Table: A Kid’s Guide to Planting, Growing and Preparing Food , kids will learn what it really takes to get their favorite foods on their plates—from seed to frying pan.

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Posted by 2018  •  article