Dino Messina, Memorial Hospital Rhode Island Internal.

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At Tawam Hospital, we have been caring for the people of Al Ain and the UAE for more than thirty years. During this time we have witnessed dramatic changes within our country and within our healthcare system. We are changing as well. In early 2006, Tawam Hospital and Johns Hopkins Medicine entered into a management agreement for the oversight of the hospital—an agreement that clearly indicates the importance of healthcare in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates. Over the past six years Tawam has overcome many of the challenges it faced in providing quality, efficient, and safe healthcare with our motto of “We treat our patients as we would treat our own family.”

Tawam Hospital has one of the region’s most formidable Oncology unit. Being associated with the world renowned John Hopkins has given the hospital an enormous credibility boost, with highly qualified staff and state of the art facility. Most hospitals in the UAE refer patients such as myself to Tawam due to a lack of expertise or the necessary equipment. I highly recommend them.

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Posted by 2018  •  article